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the feminine face of Hip Hop

What is the feminine face of Hip Hop? When I think about the image of females in this art form, especially the music element, I get some very clear pictures. The first things I think about are all the chicks in the background of thousands of rap videos. Let’s be honest, females have gotten a lot more background work than anything else in this industry. Think about how many waxed hot bodies have been “dressed” in bikinis and strategically positioned over the years to make some ugly rapper look sexy? A lot. And not without good reason as the female form improves the look of pretty much anything it’s in, but artists are not the first thing that come to mind when conjuring the female image within this culture.

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Think about how many waxed hot bodies have been “dressed” in bikinis and strategically positioned over the years to make some ugly rapper look sexy?

Next I would think about actual female musical artists for a few minutes. There are several who have made definite marks in the landscape of this industry. Some women have made careers while others have certainly opened doors and paved pathways for women in rap. But, in comparison very few that have actually tackled the art form consistently over the years, built lasting careers or even significant bodies of work. In most other musical genres women have made a name for themselves much more equally with men but in Hip Hop the female role is still very limited in scope.

Then other imagery comes to mind. I’m not going to elaborate on any artistic lyrical depiction of females. It does not need to be said that some derogatory things have been said about women in this music. I personally believe in the freedom of expression, even if that expression is violent or disgusting images or language. It is my freedom not to watch or listen to it and I exercise that freedom regularly. I can’t listen to a lot of the over dramatized derogatory shit, and rape shit really turns me off, but I do dig a whore or bitch reference done well and am not easily offended. However, I must observe I do notice derogatory references to females happen significantly more often and to a harsher degree in rap music than, well, any other modern musical genre I can think of.

Many females in this industry are quickly taken under someone’s wing to be “shown the ropes”. Instead of letting the artist control her own image, it is immediately plotted and planned for her under the guise of celebrity. The creative control of women (or men too) in major label rap seems pretty low, especially in the early years of a career. Most female rappers meet their creative demise long before a real leadership role in the culture or industry can be recognized. This has somewhat been the responsibility of the major labels influence by their presentation of these artists and females in general. This complete control of image seems especially prevalent in rap music.

No doubt there are other reasons women have not equally grown in this art form. It requires a certain amount of bravado that is not as natural to most women as men. That presents several challenges all of which can be worked through. There are also some things women bring to the table artistically that work in their favor. Art is strengthened by emotion and women reign in that court.

The complete creative (commercial) control of the artist kills art. It is growth and variety within an art form that keeps it alive. Women bring a much needed variety to rap music that has so far been left largely choked out and unfilled. There is a story to be told in the path of the female role within this culture. This development of the feminine in Hip Hop could be something that helps to preserve it even deeper into its people and be the change in our world that keeps it alive beyond what we can imagine.

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