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Pearl brings the soul to Revolution Entertainment representing a spirit unique to this label and art form. Her lyrics and vocal style are complex and addictive. Known as much for her verbal rhythms as wordplay, Pearl’s music is deliberate, well crafted and offers many layers of content.

Pearl has a long history of writing, music and art. Claiming artist status rather than a certain genre she is experienced and able to mix mediums and combine styles skillfully. Such a background and intention to stay true to a form rather than a particular image allows a freedom of expression that produces a fresh sound and a genuine product of artistic spirit not controlled by commercial interests.

This is also the mission of Revolution Entertainment and they have supported Pearl throughout the past 8 years. After a 5 year break from music she returns to contribute a rare offering of wisdom and straight to the soul lyrics. In her current project “The House of Pearl” she reaches out by inviting you in.



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