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Welcome to The House of PEARL

Always Something Else

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Coming Soon: The House of Pearl-Album Debut

You are invited inside "The House of PEARL", an album that blends genres and bends content. Partnering with The Beat Arkitekz for the bulk of the album, their variety and expertise deliver with ease. Surrounding the beat with a southern swing Pearl puts a spin on every rhythm differently, offering a deliberate and complex showing.

With songs like “Always Something Else” addressing the end of a parasitic relationship she has an authenticity on a subject matter captured by the greatest of female artists. In “Light of Day”, an ode to the D.J. that makes you stay out all night, she flexes originality and range.

Songs like “Holding On” and “The Rising” display a deeper message that is unmistakable. A deeply spiritual artist with strength in writing uplifting and conscious music she accepts duality with the ease of a light switch. Defiantly pushing the envelope for a higher consciousness she delivers well developed bursts of thought provoking lyric. Heavy with memorable lines that resonate with all people she makes music with the intention to leave a mark on anyone who listens.


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